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Stanley Gibbons said despite the huge volatility seen in financial markets since the turn of the year, the market for rare stamps and coins remained resilient.

Uk’s second most valuable stamp sells for £, | money | the guardian

It's cancelled 15 surrounded by heavy bars, as used by London Head Office and is on piece with a 4d red and was issued an RPSL certificate in More on this story. The reduced size allowed the sheets to remain intact until pressure was applied to force the separation. PH Peny on a small piece and was found in by A.

The whereabouts of this stamp are unknown and on balance I am inclined to believe that this stamp does not exist as a genuine Almost all the so-called Plate 77 stamps are no more than with the "1" more or less skilfully removed. Vince Cordell, of Stanley Gibbons, said: "This example has graced some of the finest stamp collections ever formed and is not only a magnificent exhibition piece but one of the great rarities of Great Britain and world philately.

Hill must have been looking at least one sheet produced from plate 77 and from plate 75 too as it happens to have made this decision - so at least one sheet from plate 77 existed at some point. They can be confirmed as stamps from the true plate 77 rather than re-entered or re-engraved copies unless anyone can demonstrate that the stamps have the same check letter positions and other characteristics of any other plate from which they might have been re-engraved.

There is nothing to distinguish it as a proof and except from the source from which it came into our collection we should hardly have supposed it to be such".

One thing seems sure and that is that some stamps must have been printed from plate His collection was dispersed in early about 18 months prior to his death Pneny the plate 70 stamp was bought by Judge Philbrick. When viewed from the back the Large Crown watermark Type II is very slightly high of centre and slightly left of centre. This proves that some stamps were printed from plate So I applied my test and the stamp proved genuine.

In fact it was sold to stamp dealer Herbert L'Estrange Ewen who in turn sold it to Henry J Crocker in America see The Philatelic Record June where it was lost in a fire that followed the San Francisco earthquake of so it's most unlikely that this stamp will ever reappear.

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This rarity, which is the gift 7 Mr. This stamp is also referred to in the 29th February issue of "The Postage Pneny as follows - "Gibbons' catalogue after stating that a specimen of plate 77 is in the Tapling collection adds "and we have had a second". At least 2 of the used stamps, possibly 3 originated from the same bulk dealer lots, and the co-incidence of the discovery of PH and PI is less remarkable when this is taken into.

There are gum residues on the stamp but there is no way of saying whether this is original gum. It is a mystery, now unlikely to be solved as to who originally found the 4 known mint copies back in the s. It is stated - "Our publishers have shewn us an unused copy from the very rare plate 77 of the old Red Penny. He added millions of collectors worldwide religiously checked every Penny Red they came across for the combination of two sevens, which he said was the "philatelic Holy Grail".

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He said "It is finely printed in very red carmine. This stamp was found at the same time as AB and although it is clearly recorded that Chas Nissen found AC it does not seem to be confirmed anywhere that he found AB too. Fakes, blurred inks, obscuring postmarks, optimism and inexplicable oddities all make the search for a genuine plate 77 stamp a hard one. If the odd 77 has escaped into the wild then there is also the possibility that examples from plates 69, 70, 75, and may be found one day as well, but it's not likely.

AA is the logical missing stamp.

I am confident that this stamp is from the original plate This appears when online data protection services detect requests coming from your computer network which appear to be in violation of our website's terms of use. Like AB, the top perforations are scissor-cut in a sloping fashion. The only alternative is that Hill determined that the plate was poorly aligned by looking at the plate itself but as that would have been so very much more difficult to do than the simpler and usual way of looking at ePnny example sheet there is no reason to think that happened.

Uk’s second most valuable stamp sells for £,

History[ edit ] Initially, the same plates used to print the Penny Black were used to print the Penny Red. But in the case of plate 77 the plate existed; it was refused registration because the impression showed that the stamps were unevenly laid down, and it was considered not properly adapted for Pennny. Now that would have been an excellent investment It is now owned by JW Phillips.

Heddle said its higher price reflected the fact that it was in ificantly better condition. As a member of the RPSL expert committee and curator of its forgery collection for many years he Peenny have had a great deal of expertise.

Penny red - wikipedia

Perforations, experimental gauge 16first came into use in and were officially adopted in in the same size as the experimental issue. Plate s[ edit ] On 1 Aprilthe stamp was issued with the plate engraved in the de, in the left and right side lace work.

ePnny It's still not a match though. So far this has not been done. We know the plate must have reached the point of inspection because a letter from Ormond Hill to Perkins Bacon still exists, telling them that he was rejecting two plates as they were Peny vertically aligned well enough to allow a good standard of perforating and although this letter doesn't mention the plate s, they must have been plates 75 and 77 because the date of the letter 7th February is the same as the date on which the other plates submitted at the same time 76 and 78 to 81 were registered.

It seemed genuine to me so I beckoned Charles back to his office and told him that I could apply a test of my own devising but that if it proved to be a fake it would ruin the stamp. Usually at least one sheet was printed from a new plate and then sent to Somerset House for approval before the new plate was put to press.

Rare plate 77 penny red for sale by channel islands dealer

I do not have an image of this stamp PPenny would love to see one. Once in the collection of J de R Phillp. The Tapling copy is therefore unique.