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Fictional sex stories Wanting Horny People

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Fictional sex stories

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Mom has a secret. Success, failure, and heartbreak.

He agrees to the arrangement but only on the condition that he can have it any time he wants and as kinky as he wants. Young Samantha is frustrated.

Now in their early 20's, necessity brings them together at the lake, where they become friends and more. Pay Fictionap Play by Cristiano Caffieri When her cousin Nora becomes a well-paid prostitute Penny wonders if she could make a little extra cash by charging her husband to fuck her. To say she was impressed would be an understatement.

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Fucking in the s by Cristiano Caffieri Things were different in the s sex was hard to get unless you owned a car with a good-sized back seat or an apartment. When storiess catches on, things get naughtier. Sex for a Discount by Cristiano Caffieri Don lives with two girlfriends who are up for a good fuck anytime day or night, however when Eric the plumber appears on the scene things begin to cool off.

Swingers by Cristiano Caffieri Matt Granger accompanies businesswomen who need an escort to conventions or other events. A story that reflects that sometimes the greatest love you can experience is the love you can realize about yourself.

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It was a prizewinning appendage that had never been exposed to a member of the opposite sex until he had a medical with a lady doctor. He likes the work and he enjoys the social life of a city that boasts beautiful beaches and even more beautiful women.

Read them one at a time or pig out on the fucking lot! Apart from himself no other man has set foot on the island.

Interactive sex stories — chyoa

My priority will be too update that site first so it may take some time to post here. Four academic women, who have sequestered themselves away in a big country house, offer temporary accommodation to an older man who they thought was past his sexual prime. Even then the girls FFictional reluctant to let you into their panties. Between a high-stakes card game, a dangerous gambit with a Hutt, and a Fictionao of alluring women, anything can bring about a Sabacc Shift! One Witch at a time. They are locked in a cabin for the night with the possibility they will be bumped off in the morning.

Except his mom. Private Dick by Cristiano Caffieri Nick Benson wrongly suspects his wife of being unfaithful Fictiona him and hires a private eye. The Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, Bigfoot, and even the Chupacabra are examples of the things that the famous women in this series will discover absolutely do exist. Or The Mediaeval Smut AU with more porn than you need and some plot because it gets boring without it.

She soon finds herself doing things stroies said she wouldn't.

Interactive erotica — fiction for adults

He sometimes yearned for some kind of revenge but could he pull it off? Stranded naked and unable to leave until it was dark they had to decide how to kill a little time.

After making contact with her she offered him a bed anytime he took a trip to the birthplace of his ancestors. Not having been offered a last meal they decide to have a last fuck. With a full moon on Halloween, anything can happen.

But what if one of Gotham's vigilantes came to his rescue? Unfortunately, while texting her for a date he walks in front of a truck. Were they in for a BIG surprise!

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He quickly finds out that two teenage girls can be trouble. It is time for father to teach daughter. This is a story about a woman who finds herself and in the process truly comes to love the person she is. Ficional Taste for Brandi by Cristiano Caffieri When and old guy and a young starlet fall overboard from a luxury yacht they end up on an isolated and uninhabited island.

Petersburg, Florida. He took her up on the offer only discover that she not only had one bed but was a self-confessed storoes Rewritten due to moderator's rejection.

Three to One by Cristiano Caffieri Michael is taken hostage along with three lovely women.